Jackson County Continuum of Care

Overview of 12 Standing Workgroups

Executive Committee

The executive committee, composed of current CoC Board officers and the immediate past CoC Board chair, will meet monthly to coordinate, monitor and ensure the quality and transparency of the CoC, CoC Advisory Board, and its agents.Meets monthly, usually two weeks prior to Board meeting. Location varies.

Coordinated Entry/Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

This workgroup establishes and implements written standards and best practices for Coordinated Entry. It also monitors the Homeless Management Information System to ensure that it the system is meeting its obligations to the CoC, recipients, and HUD. This workgroup plans the annual training of all HMIS providers and yearly reviews intake and assessment forms. Meets first Friday of the month from 10:30 to noon at ACCESS Chair: Barbara Johnson

Housing Pipeline

This workgroup identifies and addresses impediments to creating the full range of affordable housing — including housing for those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness — in all jurisdictions of Jackson County. It monitors for new sources of funding.Meets second Tuesday of the month from 11 am to noon at Rogue Retreat Chair: Don Bruland 

Homeless Task Force

The HTF meets as a monthly networking, education and outreach group. Meets third Tuesday of each month (except July) from 10:30 to noon. The meeting normally occurs at Rogue Valley Council of Governments. When it meets at the Ashland Community Center, notice of location change is given.

Chair: Christine Quitt

Target Populations

(Veterans, Youth, Families, Disabled, Mental Health and Victims Services)

These workgroups focus on the unique issues of these priority populations.Veterans Subgroup meets third Wednesday at 10:30 at ACCESS.

Chair of Veterans Subgroup:  Matthew Havniear

Chair of Older Adult Subgroup: Cassie Rose

Other subgroups are starting to organize and will appoint chairs.

Faith-based Organizations

This workgroup develops policies and procedures that recognize the significant role faith-based organizations play in the Continuum of Care.Normally meets monthly. Meeting day and time vary.Chair:

needs to be appointed; duties have been rotated 

Transition Policies

(formerly Discharge Policies)

This workgroup develops strategies for homeless individuals transitioning from sobering units, emergency departments or jail to shelter or housing.Usually meets second Tuesday at 8:15 at Health & Human Services Building Chair: Ginger Scott 

Downtown Partnership

This workgroup develops strategies to move chronically homeless from the downtown areas of Medford and Ashland into housing which is close to services.Meets as needed

Chair: Julie Brown

System Performance

This workgroup plans and conducts both the annual Point-in-Time Count and the Housing Inventory

Count. It recommends overall CoC performance measures and targets and collects data to evaluate the CoC’s progress toward these performance measures and targets annually and prepares an

annual report on the CoC’s performance. It will monitor potential funding sources for CoC activities.

Please note System Performance and Program & Evaluation Workgroups will merge in

Spring 2019. Subgroups of each workgroup will establish their meeting pattern.Meets as needed

Chair: Anna D’Amato

Program & Evaluation

This workgroup annually reviews the tools used in scoring and ranking projects for the CoC and

ESG funding applications. It oversees grievance procedures and responds to grievances submitted by program participants. It monitors the performance of CoC-funded programs as reported in their Annual Performance Reports (APRs). In addition, it monitors potential funding sources for CoC programs.Please

note System Performance and Program & Evaluation Workgroups will merge in Spring 2019. Subgroups of each workgroup will establish their meeting pattern.Meets as needed 

Regional Shelter

This workgroup is developing strategies for the creation of a year-round emergency shelter to

serve residents of Jackson County who are experiencing homelessness.This workgroup met for a series of meetings in Summer 2018, and it will resume meeting once a location is selected for the shelter. 

Services and Housing

This workgroup is developing strategies to connect services with housing.This workgroup meets on the third Wednesday of the month from 1:30 to 3:00 pm. Meeting is usually held at the Housing Authority of Jackson County.Chair: Laura O’Bryon

Ad hoc workgroups will be appointed as necessary. 

Note: Please refer to The Governance Charter of the Jackson County Continuum of Care, pp. 10-15, for more detailed information.

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