Public Resources

Dear Jackson County Community,

Our agency wants to ensure that you obtain the most essential resources for local wildfire information and disaster relief. Whether you personally experienced a loss or are simply seeking information, we will keep you up-to-date.

Please also visit ACCESS' website at for an extended list.


The Multi-Agency Resource Centers (MARC) are now open in Medford with smaller satellite offices operating in Talent and Phoenix.

All three MARC locations will be available from 8 am – 8 pm, seven days a week.

Multi-Agency Resource Center Locations:

Medford - Central High School, located at 815 S. Oakdale Avenue (541) 842-3669

Talent -Talent Elementary School, located at 307 Wagner Creek Road (541) 535-1531

Phoenix - Phoenix Civic Center, located at 220 N. Main Street (541) 535-1955 ext. 303

There will be representatives from FEMA, the Red Cross, local insurance agencies, and City Representatives to offer assistance in the fire relief process at the Medford MARC. FEMA representatives will assist with the registration process for FEMA assistance. Other agencies will help with additional resources, including housing, food and clothing vouchers, assistance filing insurance claims, and cash assistance. The smaller satellite offices in Talent and Phoenix generally will only have FEMA representatives.

There are Spanish speaking representatives at all MARC locations.

If possible, please bring the following items:

•Documentation with your home address (driver’s license, utility bill)

•Social Security Number

•Insurance information, if you have coverage.


With the opening of the MARC, there will be changes at the Jackson County EXPO/Red Cross Evacuee Shelter. Effective September 24th:

•The Connection Station, which has provided social service connections to evacuees at the EXPO will move to the MARC at Central High School.

•The Red Cross evacuee shelter at the EXPO will remain open for the foreseeable future for those members of Jackson County that were displaced by recent fires.

•Transportation to the MARC locations is available from 10 am to 1 pm. Please call the Phoenix-Talent Schools District Care Line. English (541) 821-7135 - Spanish (541) 821-7697

Relief Programs

Wildfire Damage Housing Relief Program

Recovering from an unexpected emergency is hard, particularly a lost or damaged home. The Oregon Legislature created the Wildfire Damage Housing Relief program to fill the gaps that FEMA and private insurance can’t cover for very low income Oregonians. The home that was lost or damaged must be the primary residence.

Your Civil Rights and Disaster Assistance - Sus derechos civiles y asistencia en caso de desastre