PRESS RELEASE: Jackson County Continuum of Care releases 2019 Point-InTime (PIT) count to identify homelessness in Jackson County.

Medford, July 9, 2019: With the assistance of 75 volunteers, the Jackson County Continuum of Care conducted its annual Point in Time (PIT) Count on January 22, 2019. 712 people experiencing homelessness in Jackson County were identified, a decrease of 2.8% over last year. 37% of those experiencing homelessness were unsheltered, meaning, that they were […]

Cost of Housing In Oregon Continues to Rise

Across Oregon, the cost of housing continues to rise rapidly. In the Portland metro area, people earning minimum wage would need to work 82 hours a week just to be able to afford an average one-bedroom apartment and still have money left over for food, utilities, and transportation. In Jackson County, someone would need to […]