Coordinated Entry

The Written Standards in this guide apply to the following activities relating to homeless persons: screening and assessment, referrals made to recipient programs, referrals accepted or rejected by recipient programs, prioritization for assistance, and HMIS data entry associated with the Coordinated Entry (CE) System. The Written Standards guide the Jackson County CoC (Oregon 502) Coordinated Entry System and inform the CoC process, as approved by the Jackson County Continuum of Care Advisory Board, the governing board of the Continuum of Care (CoC). Unless otherwise stated, the terms “Program” or “Programs” mean the specific program(s) that serve homeless households as a part of the CE System.

As delineated in this guide, the Jackson County CoC Coordinated Entry process is in full compliance with the requirements established by HUD’s Coordinated Entry Notice (Section I.B) and the CoC Program Interim Rule (24 CFR 578.3 and 24 CFR 578.7 (a)(8)).